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Emory Rowland

Founder, Leverable SEO

I work with a lot of content creators, but Max stands out from the crowd. His mastery of language and attention to detail put him in a class of his own. He truly delivers a superior product.

Martin Sulcs

Founder, Mr. Web Capitalist

I’ve worked with Max on a number of occasions. The guy’s the real deal and always goes the extra mile to create impeccable content.

Darcy Cudmore

Founder, Darcy Allan PR

Max is an effective and smart writer who is able to continuously publish great content. He can turnaround projects quickly and is communicative throughout the process. I hope to work with Max again soon.

Fred Smith

Marketing Manager, Attorney Michael Greene & Associates

Max is a writer that’s a diamond in the rough. His writing is compelling and intriguing. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to obtain his services, and I’ve seen a phenomenal SEO return on investments from the content he has created.

My service package includes on-page SEO, WordPress uploading (uploading pics, writing alt tags for images, formatting, and saving your piece as a draft), royalty-free images, screenshots, links, and topic pitching.

Also, I hire an editor to look over every single piece, meaning you don’t have to spend any time proofreading.

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